SUCH DKUCH Hexen House Ughor x Tchai van de Hoge Laer

Female born: 98-08-02--2012-03-29

Complete Scissor Bite and seizure free.

Shows: Several BOB youngster & youngdog. BIS placements at the Swedish Specialty, graded Championquality by Pauline Stern-Hanf & Mme Berton-Sarlat. BOS veteran at the age of 11 at the Swedish Specialty. Several CAC:s and CACIB:s.

 Working: Competed in tracking level II.

 Charactertest: MT 162 p (KORAD),MH descpription with result 1 in shooting. She has also passed the abilitytest to become a militarydog for the swedish defense.

Bred by: Holesäter-Granlunds, and thank you for letting us have this wonderful female, the love of our lifes!!!!!!!




I used to say I would never go “black”. I still remember that phonecall from her breeder. I was sitting on my mums desk when I heard the news. At that moment I just knew I had to change my mind. If I ever would go black, it had to be with this girl. Tchai was one of my favourites, a sparkling girl with tons of personality, and being born from  tervueren, the pup was “almost” ment to be. She was named Eternityh…

"Etty" had it all, in every kind of way...She combined exterior with a superb character in a wonderful way. A wonderful workingdog as well as showdog! To have her was definitly one of the best decisions we ever made:) And she is  the best breedingbitch we ever owned! She has given us 5 litters which we are very proud of and we hope to continue on her bloodlines forever and in her last litter she finally gave us Vega, a sparkling little tervfemale that hopefully gives us the opportunity to continue with Ettys bloodline in tervueren as well! She has given us so much and is truly a "ONCE IN A LIFETIME" dog, THANK YOU ETTY for everything & thanks to her breeder who let her spend her life with us!!!

“Etty” has given us more than words can express,  her love, her soul, her & her charisma. But on top of being who she was, she has given us friends all over the world, wonderful experiences and perhaps the most important, wonderful offsprings and grandchildren who will continue her line for forever…


This lyrics says it all:


I will live forever  If you always keep me in your mind

 And it doesn't matter how far I am

 If I ever leave you  I'm gonna be there by your side

 If you ever need me, well, here I am


I'm gonna live forever, don't you ever forget

 And all the stars in heaven will shine for me

 I'm gonna live forever, no never forget

 And noone's lost in heaven's



Hold the fire burnin', love was never ment to be the end

 There's no way to turn it by accident

 I don't need to prove it

 I'm just ready for another step

 Though my heart is movin', my soul is near

 I'm gonna live forever, don't you ever forget

 And all the stars in heaven will shine for me

 I'm gonna live forever, no never forget

 And noone's lost in heaven's



Dear Etty, I love you to the end of times…..


Hexen House Ughor BelgCh IntCh WW-91 IWR III R.E Millo van de Hoge Laer Cartoon du Perigord Vert
Ijes van de Hoge Laer
Hexen House Morganah Corsini Aragon
Osca van de Hoge Laer
Tchai van de Hoge Laer Horry de la Clairiere aux Louves Femto du Bois du Tot
Eden de la Clairiere aux Louves
Kleo van de Hoge Laer Un Vision du Chemin des Dames
Beggy of the Two




Etty together with her sister Erah at Swedish Major specilty -99. BOth were BOB juniors and Erah was BIS junior and Etty was BIS 2 junior! Judges were Firmin Aertgeerts, Mr Griol, Mme Berton Sarlat & Willemine van Dejl.