OTCH Mahagonny's Xodus

The breeding of Eternity started by Jesper. As a 13 year old boy Jesper bought his first Tervueren,  SLCH Mahagonnys Xodus, which he competed with in obedience all the way up to obedience champion, but they also competed in tracking and workingtrials. His interest in breeding started with having the opportunity to have the future foundation bitch NUCH BIS Delator Magic Flute. She had a marvellous show career and was BIS at the Major Swedish Specialty 1991. From the beginning Jesper was to young to register a kennelname, so his father, Lars applied for the kennelname together with Jesper and the prefix “Eternity” was registred in 1988. Magic Flute had her first litter 1988 together with Xodus. Jesper and his father had some hectic years, driving around to competitions, trainingcamps as well on shows.

 Ch Delark Paco Rabanne   LP Delator Daughter of the Moon

1990 he imported NUCH BIS Delark Paco Rabanne together with kennel Continental, from Scotland and thanks to Mrs Carol Winfro. He was son to the very famous Cashmir de la Clairiere aux Louves. Paco was in same year Best in Show at the Norwegian Specialty for  Eric Desschans and Mme Heraly and had later some more BIS placements on specialtyshows. Paco produced some successful offspring, by for example the triple Champion: SBCH SLCH SUCH Eternity´s Crimson of Tarsis who was owned by Monica Andersson and TJH Eternity´s Caramon of Solace, who worked as a guardiandog at a securitycompany. In 1990 Jesper also imported LP Delator Daughter of the Moon from Janet Andrews.


 In 1991 Jesper had the opportunity to import Broccio du Bois du Tot, (from same combination as the very famous Ares du Bois du Tot) from Janet Andrews, this time as well together with kennel Continental. Later on Broccio moved to Norway and Dag & Bente Harlem, kennel Fakaiser on co-ownership where he produced some wonderful dogs and one of them were; S.r Dkuch Nuch Fakaiser`s Ajax d`Acteur. At the Norwegian Specialty in 1992 Broccio was BIS breedingroup together with his offspring for M. Surget.


In 1996 when Jesper became a judge, he was the youngest judge ever in Sweden at that time. Today he judges about 30 different kinds of breeds and has been judging the breed in Finland, Belgium, Australia, Russia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, USA and Great Britain.


Eternity's Alice of Eternity

 The groenendael breeding started when E.A Vaquitas Alice of Eternity came into Jespers life. She was Best breeding female of all varities in 1997 and some of her offspring has made a influential part of the breed. Some of her most famous offspring are;  r.a IntCH NordicCH Nordic Winner-96 Swedish Winner 96-97 Searchdog III KORAD Gilthanas and KORAD LP Eternity´s Joy of Belgerac who went to kennel Belgerac as foundationdogs. Joy got “avelskorningsdiplom” and has produced many champions, wonderful workingdogs and IPO 3 offspring who also has been further on used in breeding both in Sweden as well as in Holland and in the Chech Republic. KORAD Eternity´s Gilean gave the name to kennel Gileans and gave some nice offspring in his last years at kennel Sinanjus and kennel Dark N´smart. Eternity´s Jasper went to Finland and has there produced Show Groenendael of the year-03 & 04. He has also been BIS 2 at Swedish specialty for Myriam Vermeire.


 For Karin it all started when her older brother Börje bought Hexen House Bright Brandy in 1986. He moved to Karin at 7 years of age. She got “hooked” and they competed in Obediance and trained a lot of searching, agility and tracking. Unfortunaly he was afraid to gunshots so she could never compete with him any further than class II. Later she got Hexen House Vhyrus and Hexen House Yago and during a short period BIS Hexen House Undrah stayed with her an will always have a special place in her heart.



We met 1998 on a conference for the breedclub, but Anders Lyrholm and kennel Hexen House were in volved in the mixup.;) This year Karin also joined the kennel. We got engaged at Chateu de Groenendael, could there be any better place?



We had the first litter together at the end of same year, from S.r Lutece de la Clairiere aux Louves, who produced the topwinning Swedish Winner -00 & 01 Eternity´s Lancelot, Nordic Winner -99 Eternity´s Legend and also LP Eternity´s Lili´t who was used in breeding at kennel Bästdals . Same year we also imported  Xandra de Sincfal, thanks to Christian Lacomte and Chantale Maljers. Xandra produced by for example the gorgeus BIS Eternity´s Odyhn and also Eternity´s Opahle who have been used in breeding at kennel de Sincfal in Belgium.


In 1998 a special dog entered our life as well…KORAD Nordic Winner -99 Swedish Winner-01 Norwegian Winner-00 BIS Hexen House Eternityh, she was special not only for the dog she is, but for being from two tervuerens and gave us some new fresh bloodlines to work with. Etty has been BIS Junior,  BIS 2 Youngster and later BIS 2 at Specialtys for breedjudges above all the other winning. She has also passed the mentaltest in Swedein on good points. She has now given us some wonderful offspring, and some of the most famous ones are this far KORAD Eternity´s Qhyrac, Finnish Juniorwinner -03 BH HK 1 Eternity´s Qhaos, Finnish Winner-03 Finnish Junior Winner -03 Finnish Winner-04 BH RKFW-05 Eternity´s Qarmah-Donatrice, KORAD SV Eternity´s Raven, Australian CH HIC Eternity´s Shakira, SR NUCH Eternity´s Vici and FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II Eternity´s Saga.  Etty is in fact already a greatgreat grandmother and her offsprings has been further used in breeding all over the world.

Since "Etty" is a dog that pretty much has it "all", we have always wished for tervuerens from her, and finally when we had given up hope, she gave us Varjas & Vega in her last litter ...

1999 we imported Ynes de Romanin from Belgium with a little help of Ritta Tjörneryd and Mr Dambrain. Unfortunaly she never gave us any litter so the Malinoisbreeding is "put on ice."



2003 finally a huge dream came through, the possibilty to have a son of the famous and absolutely outstanding Grimm van de Hoge Laer and so Grimmendans Camlot entered our lifes:)  Unfortunaly he left us far to young.

2016 is a special year to remember...Eternity´s became BEST GROENENDAEL BREEDER at National d´el Elevage in France and Best in Show 2 breeder. SR INT CH DK CH NO CH BISS Copenhagen Winner 2014 Eternity´s Calvin was BOB groenendael, BOB champion, BIS champion and BEST IN SHOW. The worlds biggest and most prestigues show for belgians and over 600 dogs entered!

  A HUGE THANKS TO wonderful friends and puppybuyers all around the world, since you are a great part too and for all your enthusiasm and the love you share with your dogs!