2019-08-26 Nationale d' ELEVAGE 2019

Karin with Luca

Karin with Kwando

The worlds largest breedspecialty for Belgians... This year 60th anniversary and over 700 dogs entered. This year Karin & Tilde participated by showing 6 groenendaels we've bred.

A very special year... The year we lost Vici but also the year his firstborn son were BEST IN SHOW & the sister, our lovely Lysah Reproductuer d' Elite cat A.

Our complete results from NE this year:

Eternity's Quinten CSAU & TAN exc, tb in Intermediateclass.

pE sr SR CH Eternity's Kwando 3rd exc Open class.

Eternity's Noah 11th exc Open class, CSAU & TAN exc & Selected Sujet Recommande.

CH pE SR Eternity's Jerome 2nd Exc in Championclass

BIS X 15 CH SR Eternity's Calvin 1 exc veteran class, Best veteran male, BOS veteran. Eternity's Precious 5 exc Intermediate females

With Noahs Selection, our lovely SR Lysah de Bruine Buck ( RE Vici x RE Ancor) will be Reproducteur d'Elite categorie A😄

Lysahs brother CH SR Luca de Bruine Buck 1 Exc Championmales, Best male, BEST OF BREED & BEST IN SHOW 2. Huge congratulations to Marion van den Boer & Moniek van Boxtel & Tom Roozen!

Also Kwandos offspring did very well: Ouschka du Bois du Tot 1st Exc Intermediateclass, selected Sujet Recommande. Revloch Ozzy Osbourne 3rd exc in Intermediate. 2nd exc in jeune males was Oregon, Kwando son from di Torre Arese. 1st exc in jeune females & BEST IN SHOW JEUNE was Orchidea, Kwando daughter of Di Torre Arese. Huge congratulations to you all! I miss Vici more than words can say but it's with great pleasure & joy that I see what a great legacy he in fact has given for the breed. To be able to meet & kiss his cousin, children, grandchildren & greatgrandchildren at the worlds largest speciality for Belgians fills my heart with joy❤️ To all our friends & puppyowners, a huge thanks for bringing them all to the show! As well it does, by spending time with friends & people sharing the same passion for the breed as I/we do. Great seeing you all from close & far away. Until next time, take care❤️

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