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"Eternity Belgians breeder of Tervueren & Groenendael since 1988"

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About the Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd



The breed consists of four different varieties: Groenendael, Laekenois, Malinois, and Tervuren. According to the breed standard, they only differ in coat texture and color. Originally, the breed was used as a herding and guard dog. Towards the end of the 19th century, there was an interest in establishing a more homogeneous breed, leading to the establishment of a breed standard with three permitted coat variants. Through breeding efforts, the breed's type and temperament were stabilized during the early 20th century. The breed quickly developed into a versatile utility and service dog, well-suited for various tasks.

Area of Use


While the breed's origins lie in herding, it has become a working dog suitable for all branches of the working sport. It serves as a versatile service dog and excels as a family companion. It is best suited for an active family.

Characteristics / Mentality


The breed is alert, active, and always ready for action. In addition to its innate qualities as a herding dog, it possesses valuable traits that make it an excellent guard dog. It does not hesitate to defend its owner when necessary. The breed combines all the desirable qualities of a herding, guard, protection, and service dog. Its lively and alert temperament, along with its confident and non-aggressive nature, is reflected in its posture and the proud, attentive expression of its sparkling eyes.

Size and Appearance


The wither height for males is approximately 62 cm, and for females, it is around 58 cm. The weight for males is approximately 25–30 kg, while females typically weigh 20–25 kg. The Belgian Shepherd is a medium-sized, square dog that exudes elegance and power. There are four varieties within the breed: the Groenendael, which is long-haired and black; the Tervueren, which is long-haired and red or gray fawn with black tips; the Malinois, which is smooth-haired and red fawn with black tips; and the Laekenois, which is rough-haired and red fawn with traces of blackening.

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