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Quantas van de Hoge Laer x KORAD NordW-99 SW-01 NW-00 Hexen House Eternityh)

Female born: 050716--080905

Health:  HIPS/ELBOWS: HD-A (FCI), ED-A/1 (0/1) 
Scissor Bite but missing 1 x P2. Charactertest: MH descpription with result 1 in shooting.

                    I will live forever

                    If you always keep me in your mind
                    And it doesn't matter
                    How far I am
                    If I ever leave you
                    I'm gonna be there by your side
                    If you ever need me
                    Well, here I am
                    I'm gonna live forever
                    Don't you ever forget
                    And all the stars in heaven
                    Will shine for me
                    I'm gonna live forever
                    No never forget
                    And no one's lost in heaven's

                    You will live in our hearts for eternity....

Tia accedently injured her left backleg in the hook at 7 weeks of age.  With Tia She made a huge effort to get well again and she was swimming like the best retrieverdog ever;) During the years we always hoped for her to have one litter for us to continuing on Quantas bloodline since we fell in love with him in 1998. Unfortunaly "Tia" has had ups and downs considering her leg and now at an age of three years her pain is just to much even for her.  Tia was like no other dog, in a positive way...all people who met her loved and adorde her, except Karins mum who thought she was too much;) She stole everyones hearts away just by being herself...and she really believed she was "THE ONE" and only....

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